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            Jinhai company (Inner Mongolia golden sea energy Polytron Technologies Inc) was founded in January 2007, is a Chinese three new energy Co. Ltd, gold wind Klc Holdings Ltd jointly initiated the formation of joint-stock company, is a wind power equipment and structure of product development, hi-tech enterprises set up design, consulting, manufacturing and sales.
            The company relies on "Tongji gold wind power structure research center" accumulated in the field of wind power industry advantage, build wind power equipment and supporting structure of product manufacturing and service industry platform, committed to become a leader in solutions of international wind power system. May 2015, the National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the three new board) successfully listed, the stock code is 832390.
            The company has the independent intellectual property rights of the reverse balance flange, prestressed anchor bolt assembly and other wind power structure system of advanced product solutions. The products of the company through the national laboratory test, obtained certification, China CCS design certification, won the national Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of quality inspection jointly identified as "national key new products".
            At present, the company has all kinds of nearly 70 patents, which is suitable for all kinds of models Chinese MW series of reverse balance flange and prestressed anchor bolt assembly product has been successfully supply major domestic machine manufacturers, and in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hebei, Jiangsu more than and 10 district more than and 40 land, beach wind farm application, use well, the wind power is highly recognized by experts, investors and host manufacturers. Reverse balance flange, prestressed anchor bolt assembly and other products in the technical breakthroughs, and guide the future development of the wind power system.
            In the future, Jinhai company will continue to go on a new starting point, with superior performance, return to shareholders, to serve the society and strive to achieve the "leading, world-class" enterprise vision.

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