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          Fastener Technology Forum held successfully

          On November 2016 12-13, organized by the National Technical Committee of fasteners, Inner Mongolia golden sea energy Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as the "Jinhai company", stock code 832390), Tongji gold wind power structure research and development center, Jiangsu golden sea new energy science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangsu Jinhai"), Jiangsu Zhongcheng fastening technology development Limited by Share Ltd jointly sponsored "fastener Technology Forum", "seminar on bolt fatigue properties and relaxation resistance" standard project in Jiangsu Jinhai (Funing) held. The workshop for a period of two days, more than 30 participants from Goldwind, Guodian united power, Ming Yang, Shanghai electric, Tongji gold wind power structure research and development center, Jinhai shares into the development of enterprises, carried out extensive and in-depth study on the design of the host Conference on bolt fatigue and resistance the relaxation energy requirements, anchor manufacturing technology, quality control and test methods etc..
          At the meeting, representatives of the participants in the exchange of discussions to deepen their understanding and communication, and hope in the future work in depth research and exploration. The meeting to better promote the anchor bolt fatigue performance and the performance of the anti relaxation performance parameters, improve the technical design standards, and promote the development of wind power supporting structure technology to play a certain role in promoting.
          Jinhai company R & D management center, quality management center, technical department, quality department, market department of the relevant personnel to participate in the seminar.

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