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          ational energy board to visit our company

          In February 28th, the national energy board, new energy and renewable energy secretary Zhu Ming in China in Three Gorges new energy Co., Ltd. party secretary Wang Dunchun, deputy secretary of the Funing county magistrate Xu Huaming accompanied by the leaders to visit our company. Yang, general manager of the company accompanied and introduced the relevant circumstances of the company.
          Zhu Ming in company general manager Yang Zhou accompanied by visiting the company, the working life of a detailed understanding of product features, market conditions and the company's employees, encourage enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, strengthen cooperative efforts to ensure the work can be with advanced technology and low cost competitive advantage, to maintain steady growth capacity.
          At the meeting, Xu Huaming introduced the development of new energy industry in our county that the concern and support of the national and Provincial Energy Bureau, the rapid development of our county's new energy industry from scratch, has become one of the highlights of my county industrial project, as the county and industrial structure adjustment by a major breakthrough in tackling the economic. Wind power equipment Industrial Park in Jiangsu province is the first approved Wind Power Industrial Park, industrial park is one of the province's wind power equipment chain more complete, after several years of development, research and development of wind power equipment has been extended to the sea, to seek a breakthrough. Hope that in the future development of new energy industry in our county, the state and the provincial energy bureau can give more support and help.
          At the meeting, the general manager of the company, Yang introduced the low wind speed zone of prestressed concrete tower and offshore wind power manufacturing and maintenance and other relevant circumstances. Zhu Ming said that Fujian, Guangdong, Liaoning and other regions of Jiangsu are actively exploring the development of offshore wind power, offshore wind power manufacturing and transportation has great prospects for development. We hope that we can learn from the experience of Holland, Australia and other countries, and seek further breakthroughs in the field of cost control and technical innovation. Local governments should be more supportive of the development of enterprises, to create a number of new energy industry chain, and promote local economic development.

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