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          Bi Yaxiong, deputy general manager of China Yangtze Three Gorges group

          In March 1st, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River Chinese group deputy general manager Bi Yaxiong, chief engineer Dr. Zhai Endi in professional general manager Chinese three new energy limited Li Bin, party secretary Wang Dunchun, accompanied by the leaders to visit our company. Yang, general manager of the company accompanied and introduced the relevant circumstances of the company.
          Bi Yaxiong a listen to the company general manager Yang Zhou introduced the low wind speed zone of prestressed concrete tower and offshore wind power manufacturing and maintenance and other relevant circumstances, encouraged the Jinhai company growing technological innovation, maintain steady growth capacity.
          At the meeting, Li Bin stressed that the Jinhai company is full of vigor and vitality of the enterprise, is the enterprise of technological progress type, is an innovative enterprise, is a mixed ownership enterprise representative. In the production and operation, we should seize the opportunity to upgrade and improve; in research, to be good at innovation, and constantly improve the overall quality of R & D team.
          Party branch secretary Yang Jie, deputy general manager of, Shi Hui, R & D center, the main person in charge attended the meeting.



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